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Yoga & Meditation

Portugal and especially the Algarve has become a popular retreat for Yogees from all over Europe. 

I myself discovered yoga more than 10 years ago, first as a wonderful and gentle way to prepare for birth, and later in a moment when work and life demanded advanced knowledge and techniques for coping with challenges and stress. Since then, I have been fascinated by the all-encompassing yoga philosophy and by what yoga teaches us not only physically but also mentally and at the level of the heart.

I am certified Integral Yoga® teacher and stress management teacher and  I deeply enjoy teaching Integral Hatha Yoga because it integrates the various areas of yoga into a harmonious and comprehensive practice that is accessible to everyone, regardless of health and age. I teach multi-level classes and am also happy to pass on my knowledge to beginners, asI observe they often do not know where and how to start with yoga and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information there is on yoga. Each of my lessons consists of yoga poses, deep relaxation, breathing awareness and a short meditation.


I teach yoga classes in groups and private yoga classes as well as workshops in Faro/Algarve, retreats in Tavira / East Algarve and in Germany. In English, German and Portuguese and I also speak French, Spanish and Italian.

If you would like to book a yoga class or have not yet found what you would like during your yoga holiday, please contact me! Maybe you would like private lessons or a special offer for your group travel? I'm happy about your message.

Sabine Kampmeier

Hehekamp 22

D-49076 Osnabrück



Tel./Whatsapp 00351 916880043




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